About Mavaila

We are an innovative approach to job creation and solving chronic unemployment in Africa.

The Mavaila Inovation

Mavaila is a novel concept in Africa where qualified but unemployed individuals pick up volunteering roles with employers under mutually beneficial arrangements, with the hope of deepening the relationship to become continuous or permanent.

Our vision is to tackle the high rate of unemployment in Africa by bridging the gap between qualified but unemployed citizens and small to medium scale businesses across Africa that are unable to employ personnel with the required skills due to inadequate funding.

With 60% of Africa's population under 25 years of age, the continent has the youngest population in the world. This presents great potentials for Africa to position itself for the future opportunities of the world. However, grave socio-economic challenges and underdevelopment of key enabling structures have continuously prevented the continent from fully reaping the benefits inherent in the optimal engagement of its rich pool of human capital.

Though many Africans are qualified, a very high incidence of unemployment still exist where qualified citizens have no jobs or sustainable career. In same vein, many small to medium scale local businesses operate without adequate level of funding. These organizations are willing but unable to employ qualified candidates to grow their enterprise. Mavaila provides a platform for both parties to start-off to a professional relationship from the point of Volunteering. Upon satisfactory exchange of value, the relationship will assuredly transit into long term; a win-win scenario for both unemployed and employer.

Who we are?

Novel concept where the qualified but unemployed volunteers for a role that transforms into a continuous or permanent one.